Gen Z: The Next Generation Is Making Moves in the Housing Market

In the realm of real estate, Gen Zers, born between 1997 and 2012, are emerging as significant players in the housing market. As housing prices fluctuate in various metro areas, these savvy Gen Z homebuyers are navigating the landscape, focusing on affordable options.

The concept of homeownership, often thought to be challenging for those just starting out, is becoming attainable as sale prices align with their budgets.

Unlike their predecessors, like baby boomers, this generation is leveraging technology and real estate agents to empower their decisions, armed with information about credit scores and the intricacies of the housing market. It’s notable that even at the age of 25, some Gen Zers are already making their mark as homeowners, signifying a dynamic shift in trends and aspirations.

Guess who’s entering the housing scene? Gen Z is in the house!

People are wondering, will Gen Z be able to afford houses? Well, the answer seems to be yes! Gen Z home ownership is on the rise, as they’re buying up homes across the country. Despite concerns, they’re making their mark in the real estate world.

Curious about the numbers? Many are asking: how many Gen Z own homes? What percentage of Gen Z own homes?

The Gen Z housing trend is changing things up, and it’s clear they’re not just sitting around. Don’t be too quick to assume that Gen Z will never own a home – they’re proving that idea wrong!

Generation Z (Gen Z) really wants to settle down and become financially independent. This is making them think about owning their own homes. A recent report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) tells us that 30% of Gen Z buyers went from living with their parents to owning a home.

If you’re part of Gen Z and you want to make your dream of owning a home come true, here’s some useful info about why your peers are buying homes and where they’re buying them.

The Reasons Gen Z Want To Become Homeowners

A recent survey conducted by Rocket Mortgage has highlighted some of the main reasons that encourage Gen Z buyers to purchase a home:

Out of those who were surveyed, 34% mentioned that their primary motivation for buying a home was to start or expand their family. This is because when you have a growing family, having a place to call your own becomes really important.

Another significant reason, as the survey indicates, is the desire for greater stability (20.8%). This is because owning a home can provide stability in your life.

When you buy a home and have a fixed-rate mortgage, you can lock in a consistent monthly payment for the entire duration of your loan, which can be anywhere from 15 to 30 years. On the other hand, if you continue renting, you won’t have this advantage, and you might have to deal with increasing rental costs over time.

So, if you’re prepared to start a new phase in your life or if you’re looking for more stability, it’s good to know that many others your age feel the same way. These motivations are why a lot of them are choosing to become homeowners.

Gen Z’s Next Stop: Where Are They Making Their Moves?

If these reasons make you feel like you’re ready to buy a home, here’s some information about where other people your age are finding their homes. This could be really useful for your search.

Based on a recent survey by LendingTree, Gen Z buyers are focusing on areas that are more affordable. This helps them have more purchasing power and deal with the challenges that come with today’s mortgage rates.

While many Gen Z buyers still want the convenience and excitement of city life, they also appreciate the affordability, open spaces, and fresh air that suburban areas offer. Jacob Channel, who is a Senior Economist at LendingTree, explains it like this: “They want to live in a city, but they also want to be close to nature.”

Finding a home that gives you both of those things might need some expertise. That’s where a trusted real estate professional can come in handy. They can help you find a home that fits your budget and the area you want. Your agent will know the neighborhoods where you can find affordable homes. They can also point out the benefits and features of those locations and how they match up with what you’re looking for. Additionally, they can guide you on how things like remote work can broaden your search possibilities.

Bottom Line

If you belong to Gen Z and you’re beginning your journey to buy a home, or if you’re interested in knowing more about the process, let’s get in touch. This way, you’ll have someone to guide you and help you discover a home that suits your lifestyle and financial plans.

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