Preparing to Sell Your Home: 3 Tips for Sellers

Preparing to sell your home can be an exciting decision. Now is a great time to sell your home due to record high home values, and you should expect to get top dollar for your home. Inventory is so low that buyers may get into a bidding war which drives the price up even further.

If you believe you’re ready to sell, you need to know the steps you should take when preparing to sell your home in today’s market. This article discusses why now is a great time to sell and 3 actionable tips for sellers in the Hewlett Harbor and Long Island area when preparing to sell your home.

Why is now a good time to sell?

There are several reasons why now is a great time to sell your home, and they all have to do with being able to get more for your house now than ever before. Below are some additional reasons that make 2022 a great year to sell:

  • Home buyer demand is up. We’re experiencing record high demand not met with the same supply. In fact, inventory is so low right now that desirable homes may have over 20 offers. 
  • Homes don’t stay on the market very long. Due to the unprecedented demand for housing and the lackluster supply, most homes don’t stay on the market for very long. The average time a home stayed on the market in Long Island was 54 days, down from 128 days ten years ago.
  • Signs of economic recovery. While cryptocurrency investments are down as of early August 2022, the economy is still showing signs of recovery. Unemployment rates are starting to fall again and job growth is on the rise.

Interest rates are still relatively low. While interest rates are nowhere near the historic lows we saw in early 2020, rates are still relatively low. As the economy starts to recover, we may see interest rates continue to fluctuate.

Tips for homeowners preparing to sell

  1. Your first impression matters the most

Whether a potential buyer sees your listing online, in print, or in person, you should do everything possible to make the home look its best. This means hiring professional real estate photographers for photos and landscapers to clean up property outside in preparation for an open house.

  1. Hire an experienced realtor

Hiring an experienced realtor may be the difference between selling your house for top dollar and having it sit on the market without generating much interest. Experienced realtors in the Freeport, Baldwin, and Oceanside areas know the market and the optimal number to price your home.

  1. Repainting in neutral colors

Repainting your home in neutral colors ensures that your home appeals to all buyers. If your daughter painted her room hot pink ten years ago, it might be a good idea to repaint it in a neutral color to accommodate most buyers.

Final Thoughts

Preparing to sell your home in today’s market is more important than ever. Those that do the best preparation tend to be the ones who get the most for their home. Remember to work with an experienced realtor in the Hewlett area for the best selling experience possible. 

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