Two Reasons You Should Sell Your House

Are you contemplating whether to sell your property this year? As you deliberate on your decision, consider the factors driving you to contemplate a move. According to a recent survey by

homeowners who are considering selling their properties this year have identified two primary reasons. Please see the graphic below for more information.

Let’s break those reasons down and explore how they might resonate with you.

1. I Want To Take Advantage of the Current Market and Make a Profit

As a homeowner looking to sell your property, you’re likely concerned about how much profit you’ll make from the sale. However, recent data indicates that sellers can expect a strong return on their real estate investment.

According to ATTOM, the average seller in 2022 earned a profit of $112,000 on median-priced home sales, which equates to a 51.4% return on investment compared to the original purchase price. This represents a significant increase from the 44.6% return on investment reported in the previous year, and a substantial jump from the 32.8% return on investment recorded in 2020. Although some markets have experienced a slight decline in home prices, the overall trend is still higher than it was just a few years ago. To get a better understanding of the current value of your property and what’s happening with home prices in your area, it’s recommended that you seek advice from a local real estate professional. They can provide you with the most up-to-date information and give you an idea of how much you could potentially earn if you sell your property this year.

2. My Home No Longer Meets My Needs

The average homeowner has lived in their house for a decade, and a lot can change during that time. Life events such as starting a family or transitioning to a new job can significantly impact a person’s housing needs. Perhaps you require more space or fewer maintenance responsibilities, or maybe you need to be closer to work or loved ones. Whatever the reason, if your current home no longer meets your criteria for an ideal living space, it might be time to work with a real estate agent to find a better fit.

A qualified agent can help you navigate the complex real estate market and assist you in finding a new home that better aligns with your current needs and preferences. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a local agent to get started on your search for a new and improved living space.

If you’re considering selling your property, chances are there’s a compelling reason driving your decision. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a larger home, downsize to a smaller space, relocate for work, or take advantage of the current seller’s market, now is the time to act on your goals. By connecting with a qualified real estate professional, you can gain valuable insights into the local housing market and get expert advice on how to achieve your objectives. Don’t hesitate to reach us out today to discuss your options and make a move that’ll help you accomplish your real estate goals this year.


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