Why Bellmore is a Smart Choice for Real Estate Investment?

Nestled in the heart of Nassau County, New York, Bellmore is a historical town with beautiful shores and modern amenities that can offer good investment opportunities in real estate. This suburb has a population of 15,937 and was founded by Englishmen in the mid 1630s and has a great history and a strong sense of community. Today, with its favorable real estate market conditions, Bellmore is gaining attention from more and more investors. 


Rising Home Values

The median property value in the Bellmore area is $624800, which is greater than the median property value of $281900 in the United States. This difference presents one of the most active markets in real estate, which is well established and where properties are valued and appreciated. 


The high home values also indicate the demand for the area and the likelihood of stable appreciation, making the region appealing to those who want to make higher profits. 


On the other hand, the median rent stands at $1,688 per month, and the national average is $1,268 per month. The high rental yields implies that Bellmore is ideal for anyone who is aspiring to invest in rental houses. Rental homes are always in demand and this ensures that people investing in properties get a steady source of income. 


If you are thinking of investing in Bellmore real estate, then Kaya Homes is here to guide you. Their professional team of real estate agents is committed to assisting you in identifying and purchasing the best homes for sale in Bellmore NY.


Ideal Location

One of the main advantages of investing in Bellmore real estate is its enticing geographic position. Located only 10 miles from Manhattan, Bellmore provides a suburban lifestyle while offering convenient access to New York City’s job opportunities and amenities.  


Just five miles away from Bellmore lies the Jones Beach State Park, which is one of the most preferred and frequented beaches in the state, making the region even more appealing for those who dream of living by the sea.

The town also has good transport networks, and its location near major highways makes it easy to access other cities, which is important for people with jobs. Also, the John F. Kennedy International Airport is just 15 minutes away. This proximity makes Bellmore appropriate for those who have to commute for business purposes, as they will get easy access to one of the busiest airports.


Diverse Property Options

Housing in Bellmore is quite diverse, and the population has different requirements and financial capabilities. It has various property options which range from one unit home to premium waterfront residences. 


Houses advertised include some of the four bedroom homes that cost as low as $175,000 to the more luxurious five bedroom homes that are going for as high as $1. 5 million. The mean list price for a single-family home is around $450,000, providing opportunities for both budget-conscious and high-end investors.


There are also colonial, split-entry, Victorian, and even Cape Cod houses in Bellmore, which makes the town look even more attractive and provides potential buyers with a wide choice of homes for purchase. Depending on the style and size of the house, the needs of an individual, as well as the budget, this variety guarantees that everyone who wishes to buy a house in Bellmore will have never-ending choices. 



Culinary & Cultural Treasures

Bellmore has always been subtle with its gastronomic offerings. Rich and diverse cuisine ranges from delicious seafood natives to Italian favorites. There are numerous food joints in the area some of which include Tavlin which is famous for its outstanding and fresh foods, Uncle Franks, Zens, and many others like My Hero, Primavera, and Sufiya’s Grill. 


Additionally, Bellmore has presumed a unique history and culture through the Bellmore JFK Alumni Hall of Fame. This institution awards those people who can inspire many others and make a great contribution to the people’s community.


Nature & Recreation

Nature lovers will find Bellmore to be a beautiful paradise. The following nearby parks—namely, Meroke Preserve, Newbridge Road Park, Millpond County Park, and Wantagh Park—offer fun outdoor activities, lovely walk trails, and spots to relax. Bellmore residents experience a balanced environment where calmness and adventure coexist, which makes it a perfect spot for outdoor lovers seeking homes for sale in Bellmore.


Community and Quality of Life

Apart from the scenic natural view, many other attractions make Bellmore one of the best places to live in. The large area amounts to three square miles and contains 0.5 square miles of water. Parks, shopping centers, and recreational facilities are easily accessible to the residents. 


The town’s historical roots and development over the years add to its charm and make it even more appealing with a blend of both historical and contemporary living. It is an ideal destination for people who wish to live a happy and active life in a historically-charged area with beautiful landscapes and closely located amenities. 


Invest Wisely with Kaya Homes

From finding the right Bellmore NY homes for sale to closing a smooth transaction, Kaya Homes prides itself on its vast real estate experience and local Bellmore market knowledge. Their expertise will help you maximize your potential investments in this promising market.


Here’s why Kaya Homes should be your preferred partner:

  1. Local Expertise: Kaya Homes has a comprehensive knowledge of Bellmore real estate as compared to other realtors.
  2. Extensive Listings: Offering a wide selection of homes for sale in Bellmore, NY, including affordable starter homes and luxurious waterfront properties.
  3. Personalized Service: Kaya Homes assures an investment tailor-made to meet your needs and lifestyle requirements.
  4. Market Savvy: Keeping up with market trends helps Kaya Homes advise on the best times and types of investments.
  5. Transparency & Trust: Guiding with trust and transparently managing the buying process is the cornerstone of our relationships at Kaya Homes.

Contact Kaya Homes today to search for homes for sale in Bellmore NY, or take the first step towards a rewarding investment in the vibrant real estate market of Bellmore. Your dream home is just one call away!

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